NOTICE - invoice re-direct fraud

(20 May 2019)

Invoice re-direct fraud

Please be aware of emails directed at procurement practitioners based on information harvested from contract award notices such as published in etenders.  It is an attempt to get payments diverted to the fraudsters account.

In a recent instance the email address used was

Be extra vigilant for any emails that may reference tenders you have awarded.

At least two Irish public bodies have been targeted.

A sample of an email received is below which has been redacted to protect those targeted.




Sent: 10th May 2019 10:36


Subject: IMPORTANT! Contract request

Importance: High




I've been trying to contact you by phone today,but there was no answer.

This is regarding the contract signed between your company and us for XXXXXXXX

We would like to have a slight change in the contract payment accounts (Sort code and Account No).

Our finance system crashed last week and we cannot find any copy of our contract or any due invoices.

Please forward a copy of the initial contract and the last invoice that was issued to you in order to double check some of the details. (In case no invoice was issued all the new invoices will be issued and paid into the new account.)

Please notice that the initial contract won't be changed, just a new payment details will be added to it.

I would be very grateful to you if you could get this done on priority basis and issue us the copy of the documents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Kind Regards,




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